January 16, 2019


Io is a full-service planning and design firm offering the following range of services:

Landscape Architecture: At Io we take a holistic approach to landscape planning and design – from large sites with many demands and purposes to small, quiet spaces for gathering family and friends. We believe that design starts with an understanding of how nature creates a space for human connection. Each of our projects first considers function and then pairs stylistic elements with sustainable features to design places which meet the needs of today but provide a thoughtful platform for future growth and development.

  • Site Inventory & Analysis
  • Master Planning/Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Permitting and Design Review
  • Bidding & Construction Administration
  • Maintenance Plans/Guidelines
  • Post-Construction Evaluation

Planning: Planning requires a deep understanding of the physical, ecological and social conditions that exist in a particular place. Working with both public agencies and private developers, we are able to methodically plan out desired changes and adaptions to an existing space. Understanding spaces between buildings, parkways and transportation routes is important to providing a building site that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also effective at welcoming guests, encouraging circulation and providing adequate free space for human engagement within the overall architectural scheme. Planning is the process of taking a look at the whole of a picture rather than just the present building program or current development needs. In assessing topography, existing buildings and infrastructure, and native plantings we are able to plan a space that allows for continued economic development while maintaining a natural beauty and accessibility to nature.

  • Land Use Plans
  • Development Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Impact Studies
  • Community Facilitation
  • Design Guidelines
  • Development Strategies
  • Government Approvals

Urban Design: Much like planning but on a larger scale, urban design aims to create vibrant neighborhood environments that foster human engagement while conserving agricultural lands and wild places. The very core of urban design is the alignment of architectural design with site layout, integrating nature into a highly developed and densely urban environment.  As cities get larger, urban design plays an important role in ensuring that the sprawl of a city does not take away from our basic instincts as humans to connect with nature. Adapting and re-vamping historic neighborhoods and downtowns, delineating park space and walkways – creating “the heart” of a downtown – is just one of the many ways that urban design makes a city, town, or development become “home.”

  • Urban Redevelopment & Infill
  • Streetscape & Plaza Design
  • Design Guidelines
  • Transportation & Corridor Design

Historic Preservation: Historic places contain embodied energy and culture which are essential components in our understanding of sustainability. Our research and advocacy focus on the culture, traditions, and stories from our shared past to provide connection, context, and meaning. Historic landscape preservation moves beyond the protection of an isolated building or district to encompass the historic setting and larger landscapes which have local and national significance. Projects can be as small as a residential garden, all the way up to national parks. We are experienced in producing Historic American Landscapes Surveys (HALS), which provide both a written and visual record to assist in balancing the management and use of historic places to keep them relevant and vibrant.

  • Historic American Landscapes Surveys
  • Cultural Landscape Reports
  • National Register Reports & Nominations
  • Section 106 Compliance
  • Adaptive Re-use
  • Grant Writing
  • Education & Advocacy

Design Brokering: Don’t see what you’re looking for here?  At Io, part of our mission is to connect ideas, people, and places through design.  We are well connected within the communities that we serve, including professional alliances with other designers (architects, planners, interior designers, and graphic designers to name a few).  Let us assist you in creating a team customized to meet the needs of your project!