August 14, 2019

Prefab Planting Plans

Io LandArch is excited to announce our new prefab plantings plans! We are currently offering 3 Historically Sensitive Arts and Crafts Residential Planting Plans, available on our etsy page:

Below is a description of each style: Traditional, Edible, and Water-Wise. All three are available as a pack for a discounted price.

3-Pack Historically Sensitive Arts & Crafts Planting Plans
This package of three (3)  historically accurate planting plans for a traditional Arts and Crafts, Craftsman, and/or Bungalow home is designed to fit a typical front-yard for the period (approximately x’ wide by x’ deep).  The planting plan is is designed for landscapes in the intermountain west, for USDA Zones 4-6.
The Arts & Crafts Era was defined by a return to nature and natural elements, with a strong respect for craftsmanship and hand-made objects and designs.  In contrast to the Victorian Era excess that preceded it, it was defined by simplicity, and celebrated hand-made objects and designs.  A traditional Arts & Crafts Era landscape incorporates the use of mixed border perennial beds, and locally sourced materials, as well as adapted native vegetation and trees and shrubs that appear more naturalistic appearance (often with muiti-stemmed, low branching, horizontal branching habits).  Arts & Crafts Era neighborhoods usually lacked front-yard fences and the lawns and gardens flowed into each other, giving the appearance of homes in a park.
We specialize in researching and documenting historic landscapes, and designed each of these planting plans to achieve harmony with the architecture and philosophy of the Arts and Crafts Movement.  The plans include the following:

  • Traditional Garden:  This traditional planting template illustrates what a “typical” Arts and Crafts Era front yard would have looked like in a standard neighborhood development pattern in the early 1900’s.  The plants specified are plants that would have been available and widely used during this period, and the arrangement is typical for the period. (Purchase this plan for $120)
  • Edible Garden:  This adapted front-yard planting template accommodates front-yard vegetable gardening and edible landscaping that is sensitive to the context and architecture of Arts and Crafts era homes.  Many of the plants specified would have been widely available and used in landscapes during the Arts and Crafts period. (Purchase this plan for $120)
  • Water-Wise Garden: This adapted front-yard planting template to accommodate water-wise and native intermountain plant material sensitive to the context and architecture of Arts and Crafts era homes.  The plants specified are plants are xeric, low-water use, and native plants arranged in a design inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement.  (Purchase this plan for $120)

Each design is based on our study of famous Arts and Crafts Landscape Designers, historic photos showing period landscapes, historic garden design resources, as well our own observations of well-preserved historic landscapes and gardens.  Because architectural styles and development patterns during this era were very standardized, this plan should be easily adaptable to most standard, period front yards easily by adding or deleting plants as needed.  However if you would like, we offer an additional customization service for $500.
Each planting plans features symbols identifying the type and location of each individual plant (or grouping of multiples of the same plants for mixed border perennial bed areas).  Each plant symbol is keyed to a legend offering several options for plant species selection – this is to accommodate for personal preference as well as local/seasonal availability of plant materials.  Note:  This is a plan only and does not include the actual plants.