Weiss Residence

Weiss Residence

The Weiss residence was once a typical post-WWII suburban landscape, a wall-to-curb carpet of green lawn. The owners fortunately had the vision and the motivation to create a beautiful native landscape. They took the initial steps to remove the turf grass, and re-grade the steep hillside between the home and the street with a series of landscape terraces using steel retaining walls. To compliment this bold modern move, Io created a colorful xeriscape composition including native grasses, rubber rabbitbrush, and penstemon varieties, weaving in colorful xeric plants, such as Russian sage and desert four o’clock. The resulting planting plan is colorful, varied, and low-water use. The landscape provides cover and forage for wildlife, supports pollinators, and once established, requires minimal maintenance.

I wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you to you and your team. Our yard is exploding with plant growth, all the grasses and sages are so happy. Zack, who wanted to sell the house before because he hated the maintenance now loves sitting in his little private grass zone and watching the bees. This yard is already bringing us so much happiness ❤️🌱

Lauren Weiss

Home Owner

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