Pingree Patio

Pingree Patio

The historic Pingree Mansion in Ogden’s Jefferson Avenue Historic District, is a fine example of an Arts and Crafts era home with strong prairies style influences. The landscape design included two phases, a renovation of their backyard patio and the addition of a carriage house and car port. The owners wanted to optimize their tiny backyard space, and this design provides for that and more, combining a functional patio space, fire-pit, and hot tub. String lights provide ambiance and functionality for night-time use. The design, inspired by the clean lines of prairie-style architecture, is carried into the landscape through the use of contemporary large-scale concrete pavers and softened with the use of native and xeric plantings, which also function to screen the periphery of the space.

Io landarch custom-designed my Backyard. It when from being an eyesore of dirt and cement to being a beautiful urban oasis for the whole family. We used to never use that space. Now between the dining area, fire pit, hot tub, and seating areas, we use the space daily—even in the winter. Now I feel like I can entertain guests back there without embarassment, as well as enjoy such a lovely atmosphere for my family. They did everything—start to finish. From design to permits and project management—I didn’t have to do anything except enjoy the end result!

Rebecca Sato

Home Owner

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