Pingree Carriage House

Pingree Carriage House

The Pingree Mansion in Ogden’s Jefferson Avenue Historic District is a fine example of an Arts and Crafts era home with strong prairie-style influences. The owners contracted with Io to design three different phases of this project: an initial solar carport structure, a backyard patio space, and a future detached carriage house. The carport was inspired by the artistic craftsmanship of industrial steel structures from the early 20th century. The carriage house mimics the roofline and detailing of the main house.

Io landarch custom-designed my solar-carport. They even got approval from the historic landmark commission where I live (which would have been a headache to do on my own). It turned out beautifully. It’s as much work of art as it is carport and fit my budget. I’m very happy with the results and highly recommend them.

Rebecca Sato

Home Owner

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