Logan Arts Master Plan

Logan Arts Master Plan

In 2019, Io worked with Union Creative Agency and Logan City to develop a public arts master plan. This process began with a series of dynamic and engaging public outreach opportunities to gain insight into the communities goals, needs, opportunities, and standards for public art. This effort was integrated with a mapping process that applied community values to real demographic and physical data, revealing areas throughout the city that represented the preferred locations for public art. This process was followed up with on-the-ground evaluation of prospective art sites, pairing them with precedent project types to create a comprehensive master plan for the prioritization, planning, and funding of public art.

Our outreach, mapping, and site analysis efforts—paired with Union’s leadership in strategic planning, precedent research, and funding strategies—resulted in a bold yet achievable Public Arts Master Plan. The master plan continues to serve as a roadmap to guide the growth of public art in Logan City, ensuring that developments align with the needs and interests of the community served.


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