The Healy House

The Healy House

Located in the Eccles Historic District in Ogden, Utah, the Healy Home was built in 1920. Io worked with the homeowner to envision a period-appropriate and simultaneously modern garden for this English Country Manor. Io worked to program the yard with formal ‘rooms’ in the landscape, including a meadow-like front yard with a meandering brick walkway, a native oak woodland that buffers the south side of the home from the busy street, a quiet reflective patio and shade garden with an antique fountain, a new greenhouse and pergola to frame the existing pool, and a raised garden box allotment. 



The design uses stacked stone retaining walls, boxwood hedges, and custom Arts & Crafts inspired ornamental iron fencing to create spaces in the landscape. These are juxtaposed with native meadows and woodland plant communities. The resulting design is whimsical, intricate, and distinctly mountain, while also being drought tolerant and pollinator friendly.

Io worked with me over the course of a winter to develop the ideas I had for my yard and the vision I had for living in it. They added artistic and historical elements that are appropriate for the style and time period of my house. I appreciated their monitoring of the installation process so that the end product was as successful as the exciting plans suggested it would be. I am really happy with the results.

Amelia Jones

Historic Homeowner

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