Fox Farm

Fox Farm is a five acre Lakeside Hobby Farm in the beautiful and scenic Eden, Utah in Ogden Valley.

Io has worked with the owner of the property for several years leading up to construction. We did meticulous planning work for the permaculture aspects of the farm. Io also designed the simple and elegant landscape surrounding the Cape Cod style main house, featuring carefully crafted stacked stone walls and heavy timber fences. The outdoor spaces include the simple articulation of high-quality materials, such as blue stone and gravel, as well as traditional but waterwise vegetation for a classic look. 

The team took great care in the alignment of the access drive to the home to create a sequence of use, including the lake vistas to Snow Basin and the unfolding symmetry of the main home as you approach. Large 4 to 6 inch caliper trees were hand selected and staked on site to provide for an instant sense of maturity in the landscape.


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