Big O Doughnuts Shop Facade

Big O Doughnuts Shop Facade

The owner of The Big O Doughnuts contracted Io LandArch to help renovate the façade of an existing building. A portion of the building will be used for donut shop, while the remaining portion will be rented out to other commercial spaces. Io came up with creative ideas to transform the façade of the building, which will be translated by James Derby Architects for working drawings for implementation. We based our design on sugary donuts to inspire softness and design elements integrated with modern forms. Sprinkles cut in cast iron, rounded entries, and wood cladding give the building a modern and appealing façade.

Our first set of designs were contemporary and angular, with softening elements of color and material.

We decided to move forward with the Snickerdoodle concept, and created 3D models for three different spin-off concepts updated to align with the architect’s floor plans. 

This is our final concept, a synthesis of the most important elements from all previous iterations: wood cladding, decorative metal elements, and curved profiles.  Io also designed a waterwise planting plan for the site, that would be both ecological as well as complementary to the modern facade.


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