DesignAn Epic Design Quest

An Epic Design Quest

Photo of Sheep Bridge Nature Preserve, courtesy of Stuart Ruckman. Featured from Io LandArch’s trailhead project with The Nature Conservancy.

The design process is a classic quest—there’s a courageous crew of unlikely heroes, on a magical journey to reach a compelling destination and fulfill an overwhelming goal. The design quest however is not through space, but through thought, energy, and time. The journey ends where it begins, with the humble beginning itself transforming into the compelling destination.


I remember reading The Hobbit in 7th grade for the first time, and then not long after, devouring the LOTR trilogy.  Years later working as a planner/designer, I’ve realized that the planning and design process is truly an epic journey full of plenty of challenges, but also the potential for meaningful design magic.  Io LandArch believes in the potent power of creating connected communities, regenerating more resilient ecologies, and materializing the human imagination. 

 A quest is only a quest if the promised future on the horizon is worthy of the trials that await, and for a destination to be compelling, you need a capable planner and designer in your fellowship.  Our clients (municipalities/property owners) are the Frodo Baggins of the world, and every single project is part of a much larger quest to save place and planet.


Having a great designer/planner on your team is like having Gandalf and Elvin Mystics.  Our magic is helping conjure your big vision. We paint the picture, draw you the map, and help your project stay on-course.


Much like Frodo needed the fellowship to help him on his quest, you too will need an epic team to help get you where you want to go!  Gandalf brought together Gimli, Legolas, and AragornWe’ll assemble a team of specialists, engineers, and contractors to help you achieve your goal.


Ultimately, the goal of our quest is to work towards vibrant sustainable communities, to restore nature and save your Shire so that you can live your best life.  The forces of Mordor are sometimes obvious: sprawl, blight, climate change, and habitat loss.  Other times, they are mirages of quick and easy solutions: Disneyfication, fake places, and the lure of maintenance-free landscapes.  Of course, along the way we’ll have to battle the trolls of timelines, potentially limited budgets, and costs overruns. 

So, before you begin your epic design quest, make sure you have design magic on your side.  Let us help you conjure your grand vision, put you on the path to success, and guide you on your journey!

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