Wathen – Evans Residence

This Cottonwood Heights Villa is a multiple-home estate designed as part of small PUD development. Io Landarch worked within the architectural style of the new homes to create a series of courtyard spaces, adapting Utah plant material to give a sense of Mediterranean plantings, including grasses, sages, juniper, and native Utah perennials such as hyssops and penstemon. The resulting landscape gives a refined and established appearance, offering the owners a lush retreat that reminds them of their travel.

Maintaining the villa setting for both homes of the initial phase, the client wanted the development to maintain a sense of unity and openness, while also achieving a unique style for each property. The challenge was met by designing a cobble entry drive and courtyard. Here, each home is defined by a cohesive entry feature.

The design includes a water feature built to look like a mountain stream. We designed the stream to take advantage of natural grade change across the site, while creating multiple opportunities for interaction and utilized native Utah plants around the stream to enhance the authenticity of the setting.

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