The Corner Plaza

A render of The Corner Plaza, Ogden Utah.

The Corner plaza is the epicenter for information concerning upcoming arts and activities in Ogden, Utah.  Io LandArch worked with Ogden City Arts to create an updated design for the plaza adjacent to the existing information building.  The goals for the plaza were to modernize the space, reflect the unique creative spirit of Ogden, provide a safe and inviting space, and create an opportunity for integrated art into the design.  The master plan for the site includes neon-strip LED lights for safety and aesthetic, an LED billboard broadcasting events in the city, outdoor seating areas, a wooden pin-up board for fliers and posters, and a small amphitheater for public events. The project has been divided into multiple phases, with the pin-up wall, designed by Io currently out to bid, and anticipated to be completed in the summer of 2020.  The rest of the plaza will be developed the following year.

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