Ogden Business Exchange

As a prominent western railroad hub, Ogden was once home to the largest livestock market west of Denver.  In 1929, the stockyards processed over 250 carloads of cattle, 200 carloads of sheep, and 100 carloads of hogs every single day.  Today the stockyards are a vacant ghost town of crumbling infrastructure and industrial dereliction.  But thanks in part to Io, this vacant brownfield site is in the process of undergoing a re-telling.  Io has been working with the RDA of Ogden to envision an adaptive re-use of the historic  Ogden Union Stockyards.  This 60-acre site contains a wealth of historic infrastructure, including pens, loading chutes, art-deco watering troughs, and patterned concrete.  The site is also adjacent to the Weber River, and Ogden City’s Kayak Park.  The proposed master plan incorporates a business park for recreation equipment companies within a network of open space that accommodates a bike path and trail system, stream-bank restoration, preservation and interpretation of historic elements, and a network of bioswales with native vegetation.

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Historic Landscaping Design Services are a key focus of Io Landscape Architecture's services
Digital rendering of sky view of Ogden Business Exchange landscape.
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