Ogden Avenue Plaza

Our master plan for this unique plaza is inspired by Ogden’s Art Deco Architecture, but with a modern organic twist celebrating the city’s outdoor culture. The design takes advantage of grade change across the site and accommodates a plethora of uses (including plaza, performance, and reception space) through a stepped design that creates an angular and informal amphitheater-like space. The architectonic treatment of the ground-plane makes use of an Art-Deco style pattern and rhythm, while the material palette itself is rich and varied, emblematic of the opulent roaring 20’s decade that gave birth to the Art Deco movement. Materials include bright brass which contrasts with rich wood tones, and tones of deep plums and cobalts offset rose quartz (or pink granite in this case). Into this framework we wove a series of sunken planters in an organic shape, representative of nature’s eventual re-claiming of man-made space. The planters would be functional by providing green infrastructure for stormwater management, while also creating an opportunity for more naturalized planting motifs, a wild counterpoint to the so carefully controlled Art-Deco design. A large sculptural brass pergola, a modern-interpretation of the art-deco movement, acts as a shading device, stage, and public art. Throughout the plaza, opportunities for other permanent and temporary art are abundant. The plaza also incorporates a cohesive lighting design focused on creating a safe space, highlighting public art, and integrating with the city’s overall streetscape and wayfinding strategies.

Photo Gallery

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