Neon Plaza

As part of the greater Kiesel Avenue Streetscape Master Plan, the design for Neon Plaza was intended to provide a dynamic public space that would host various art installations including digital media exhibitions.  The site was once home to the historic Alhambra Theatre, the original façade of which informed the shape and placement of two large polycarbonate ‘benches’.  These translucent boxes will function as plaza seating, and can be projected from the inside with lights or digital media (a nod to this historic movie theatre).  In-ground LED lighting mimics the original diamond pattern façade.  Diagonal paving throughout the plaza creates a pixelated image of Charlie Chaplin (the star of the first movie ever shown at the Alhambra Theater).  An impressive recycled timber arch demarcates the entrance to the plaza (made from barrel vaulted trusses taken from the demolition of the back portion of the adjacent Hurst building).  Meanwhile, a historic neon sign that was saved from the demolition of a local market, will be recycled to flash “make” and “art” and will draw visitors down the street.  The plaza also features moveable seating in the form of recycled railroad rails topped with sliding skate-decks.

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