The newest branch of Io’s firm is set in Portland, Oregon. Portland is an iconic city, known for its lush greenery, history, and exemplary urban design. Portland is located within the Willamette Valley and sits beside the Columbia River, a critical connection between the various landscapes of Oregon. Portland is bound on the west by the Coast Range and on the east by the Cascade Range. The Willamette Valley and greater Oregon is a land of contrasts; dense urban centers sit within productive farmland. The ecoregions vary from the nearshore coastal region to the Columbia Plateau.

Increases in population, development, and urbanization are placing pressures on the beautiful landscapes and resources that make Oregon so unique. The concentration of resources and population within the Willamette Valley and along the coast create greater bioregional and social stresses.

Io LandArch is exciting to join the Portland community at such a critical time in its history. Our deep knowledge of historical, cultural, and ecological landscapes uniquely positions us to develop place-sensitive design solutions. Our values and priorities as a firm reflect those of the community of Portland. The lead designer for this branch, Julie Coleman, has a background in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Food Producing Landscapes, and Sustainability. Our office is located in the North East portion of the city, in the Vernon neighborhood.



(971) 249-9943 ext. 9


5536 NE 14th Ave

Portland, OR 97211-4381




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