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Throughout its history, Idaho has been home to people of varying backgrounds and cultures. One thing we share is a close proximity to awe-inspiring natural spaces. Whether it’s the nearby national parks or out-of-the-way gems, more people are being drawn to Idaho than ever before.

It’s becoming clear to Idahoans that proper planning and landscape design is crucial in protecting the area’s natural wonders and physical connections to its past.

Like all of our projects at Io LandArch, we consider the elements of culture and nature an integral part of the process in creating places that make sense for the location and its intended uses.

Io founder Shalae Larsen grew up in Pocatello, Idaho. She and the members of the Io LandArch team who live and work in Idaho Falls understand the state’s history, ecology and unique culture and are passionate about keeping it a great place to live in and visit. Io is your choice for landscape architecture in Idaho Falls Pocatello and surrounding areas.



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