Landscape Architecture

Are you a homeowner with a generic, ugly, or non-existent landscape? When you think about your yard do you feel any of the following:

• Uninspired?

• Unwelcome? The space feels uncomfortable and uninviting.

• Overwhelmed by the maintenance?

• The space is underutilized, too little or awkward?

• Isn’t in alignment with your lifestyle?

Your yard should be awesome! It should go beyond the ordinary to achieve:

• A unique, beautiful space that’s an expression of your identity.

• Meaningful outdoor spaces for relaxation, contemplation, and social connection.

• A landscape that aligns with and supports your lifestyle.

• Inspiring spaces that you actually want to spend time in.

Are you here because you want an amazing, beautiful, functional landscape that is an expression of your unique identity and supports your lifestyle, BUT you aren’t sure where to start? Are you…

• Unsure about zoning or HOA regulations?

• Not sure what your site can accommodate?

• Not clear on the process?

• Unsure about your budget? You might fall into one of two categories: Either you have an idea of what you can spend on your landscape, but you aren’t sure what it can accomplish. Or you have a big picture vision for your yard, but you have no idea what it might cost.

landscape architect

We’re here to guide you on your quest for your dream landscape.

• We collaborate closely with homeowners to craft landscapes that reflect their individual style and achieve their goals.

• Our expertise extends to challenging sites, including steep, small, or awkward lots, where we employ outdoor architecture to optimize space and flow.

• We integrate native and drought-tolerant plants into our designs to promote ecological sustainability.

• Beyond aesthetics, our designs create meaningful outdoor spaces for relaxation, contemplation, and social connection.

Our Design Process

"One does not simply walk into Mordor."

— Boromir, Lord of the Rings

Embarking on a major construction or renovation project can feel like an exciting adventure, filled with opportunity, but also potential pitfalls and challenges. Our Design Quest process guides you through the intricacies of planning, design, communication, and construction - to reach the pinnacle of success for your project.

Step 1: Discovery

Together, we'll identify any obstacles and outline your goals. This process provides clarity on your current position and the steps needed to achieve your desired outcome.

Step 2: Vision

This pivotal step allows us to understand your project’s specific challenges and opportunities. We’ll work together to hone in on your unique design style and align your vision with your budget, laying the groundwork for successful implementation.

Step 3: Design Magic

Delve into the realm of possibility, through a meticulous 3D model, refining the layout and selecting materials to fulfill your vision. This transformative phase empowers you to visualize your future project in all its grand potential.

Step 4: The Map

Detailed documents will serve as a guide for contractors, providing clear direction, to ensure that the design is faithfully implemented and conflicts are resolved efficiently during construction.

Step 5: Transformation

Together, we navigate the construction process, assisting you in obtaining bids from qualified contractors and observing the construction progress to ensure adherence to the design.

Let's Talk

Would you like to find out more about our process, and how to work with us? Follow the link below to answer a few questions about your project and we’ll reach out to you with more information on the next step in your journey to realizing your dream yard.

Our Projects

What our clients are saying...

Andy Monaco

It was such a great pleasure working with Shalae and Io LandArch on not only one, but two Extreme Makeover: Home Edition builds! She was able to listen, and hear, our needs as the client, quickly turn around a clear, cohesive plan, and execute that plan and vision during the install of the landscape. The final landscaping product truly complemented the architecture of the house and successfully blended traditional garden motifs with contemporary styling and modern amenities.

Amelia Jones

Io LandArch worked with me over the course of a winter to develop the ideas I had for my yard and the vision I had for living in it. They added artistic and historical elements that are appropriate for the style and time period of my house. I appreciated their monitoring of the installation process so that the end product was as successful as the exciting plans suggested it would be. I am really happy with the results.

Lauren Weiss

I wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you to you and your team. Our yard is exploding with plant growth, all the grasses and sages are so happy. Zack, who wanted to sell the house before because he hated the maintenance now loves sitting in his little private grass zone and watching the bees. This yard is already bringing us so much happiness ❤️🌱

Flo Bravo

Working with Io LandArch was incredible. Their team is dedicated and highly responsive. When I emailed Sydney with a list of questions, she took the time to call me and talk through everything. The designers listened to our wishes, respected our budget (they didn't present options that weren't realistic!), and delivered a beautiful design. We are so excited for our new backyard!

Emily Lippincott

Natalie at Io LandArch was the perfect partner for my landscape design project. The home I purchased had never had a proper landscape design done and was over 50 years old so really needed some help. Natalie spent tons of time with me, understanding what I wanted and changing things as I changed my mind. She also helped manage the bid process and the construction, offering expert advice along the way. I highly recommend her and the team!

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