July 3, 2019

Historic Landscape Architecture

At Io LandArch, we specialize in Historic Landscape Architecture, integrating historic preservation, restoration, adaptive re-use and the re-creation of historic landscapes and historical landscape elements. We also plan and design historically appropriate green spaces that are contextually sensitive to historic homes and other historic structures, while providing sustainable, and ecologically friendly, landscape designs. The resulting landscapes work to preserve and tell the story of our shared past, while also providing an important cultural, civic and environmental resource for a successful home and community. Our research and advocacy focuses on the culture, traditions and stories from history to provide connection, context and meaning to the preservation of historic landscapes, as well as context and meaning to new landscapes. Some of our work moves beyond isolated buildings and landscape elements to encompass entire historic districts.

Some of our favorite Historic Residential projects include:

Shalae Larsen, Principal Landscape Architect, holds a Masters Degree in Architecture, as well as a Historic Preservation Certificate from the University of Utah. Our firm has done extensive research into historical landscape patterns in the western US (particularly Utah) and our team has the capacity/expertise to do additional site-specific historic landscape research and documentation.

In fact, Io LandArch is becoming the foremost authority on historic landscape architecture in Utah. We have completed 5 of the 7 Historic American Landscapes Surveys that have been recorded in the State of Utah.  Additionally, we have consulted on section 106 compliance for several historic landscapes, and recently re-wrote the Historic Design Standards for Logan Utah’s Center Street National Historic District.  In addition to historic landscape documentation and preservation, we have consulted on the adaptive re-use of numerous historic landscapes, as well as the design of historically sensitive landscapes surrounding historic buildings and places, including urban infill and downtown redevelopment planning in the context of historic districts and historic resources and planning.  In addition to historic landscapes, we also consult on other types of historic documentation projects.  Our historic preservation services include:

  • Cultural Landscape Inventories & Assessments
  • Historic Landscape Inventories & Assessments
  • Section 106 Compliance
  • Historic American Landscapes Surveys (HALS)
  • Historic Design Guidelines / Historic Design Standards
  • National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Nominations

We work on projects throughout Utah and the Intermountain West.

Pre-Designed Planting Plans for Historic Homes

Io LandArch is excited to announce our new prefab plantings plans! We are currently offering 3 Historically Sensitive Arts and Crafts Residential Planting Plans, available on our etsy page: