January 16, 2019



Io is a Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Planning Firm with offices in Salt Lake City, St George and Ogden, Utah.  We work on all types and scales of projects from residential landscapes to civic and institutional projects, as well as large scale planning efforts.  Rather than define our work by the scale, client, or even program – we have selected the following themes that define our mission, practice, and work:

HISTORIC – Historic places contain embodied energy and culture that are essential components of sustainability.  Our research and advocacy focus on the culture, traditions, stories and meaning of our shared past that provide connection, context, and meaning.  Io is experienced in the research and documentation of historic buildings, landscapes, and sites.  (Read more…)


URBAN  – Urban Design encompasses the large scale planning of cities and the design and layout of the sites within them, from streets to parks to plazas – the places that make up our shared space.  The design of vibrant urban environments, especially in the context of old neighborhoods and historic downtowns, is the fundamental basis for a sustainable society. (Read more…)


ORGANIC – This is our sustainability arm with a strong focus on deep ecology, biomimicry, and sustainable agriculture.  We recognize that all landscapes, cities, and even buildings are organisms that are interdependent and evolving.  We look to nature and natural systems for precedents and try to integrate ecological principles into all of our work.


ART – We see landscapes and architecture as contextually rich environments that integrate aesthetics and function.  From the design of marketing and communication pieces, to installation art, and our design work, we seek to interpret context and meaning into dynamic objects, places, and ideas that communicate complex narratives.


MOTION – Focusing on recreation, trails, bike, and transportation design.  Our expertise in motion is about the connection and movement of energy and people between spaces. It is also inclusive of the implications of linear corridors on city planning and urban design.

For more information about our specific range of services within these themes, please visit our services page.