Central Park Community Center

Central Park was a former elementary school that was acquired by the city of South Salt Lake in 2009.  While the initial plan for the park was to demolish the school and transform the entire 9-acre site into a community park; the building was immediately adapted for temporary use by the city’s Police Athletic League,[…]

Neon Plaza

As part of the greater Kiesel Avenue Streetscape Master Plan, the design for Neon Plaza was intended to provide a dynamic public space that would host various art installations including digital media exhibitions.  The site was once home to the historic Alhambra Theatre, the original façade of which informed the shape and placement of two[…]

Pioneer Craft House

Pioneer Craft House is a community arts center in the heart of South Salt Lake – a project that has come together under the conjoined efforts of the City of South Salt Lake, CRSA, Community Studio, ZAP Funding and Io Landscape Architecture. Together, we have provided an outward expression of vitality that honors both the[…]