Landscape Architect digital rendering of the beaver equestrian center project.

Beaver Equestrian Center

In 2018 Beaver County Utah had recently completed a process to re-brand the county as a destination for equestrian related activities. As part of this new focus, the County identified the creation of a horse park as an important community amenity, as well as an economic development opportunity. Io worked to evaluate and rank three[…]

Image of a group of people inspecting a map stretched out on a table.

Logan Arts Master Plan

We are currently in the process of designing the new Arts Master Plan for the City of Logan, Utah. Community engagement is essential in the creation of a master plan. This city belongs to the people, and we strive to provide a comprehensive plan for future art to enliven the city of Logan. The plan[…]

A render of the rivers edge.

On The River’s Edge Competition

During the summer of 2019, Io LandArch participated in Salt Lake County’s “On The River’s Edge” competition. The purpose of the competition was to re-envision the Jordan River Parkway. Our design implemented the blend of agriculture and culture: Agri-Culture. Concept The concept for the Agri-Culture Corridor is based on the rich agrarian history of the[…]

Trial by Fire: How I Became a Historic Preservation (and Community Revitalization) Advocate

In the process of re-building a historic home, we also became part of a larger community re-building process. Through blood, sweat, and tears, and a literal baptism by fire, we became old-house restoration experts, and at the same time, grassroots community advocates. For us, our home restoration and the revitalization of this amazing place have been parallel narratives, narratives that began with looking past the outer layer of decay and blight and truly believing in the potential of a place; willingness to work hard and apply hours upon hours of sweat equity; and making slow but steady incremental improvements that have an exponential impact over many (so many) years.

Reinventing Community Engagement

Over the course of 20 years of professional and individual community engagement, we’ve been to a LOT of different types of public meetings.  The best ones are creative and fun with active involvement of participants.  They actually work to make a project better. The worst ones are boring, limit community feedback, or worse–collect feedback and[…]

A sketch of Logan Historic District.

Center Street Historic District Standards

Io worked with Loom PD and the City of Logan to develop design standards and guidelines for residential and commercial buildings, and sites located within the Center Street Historic District. These standards will function as a benchmark for the preservation and treatment of historic properties and new construction within the historic district. Based on the[…]

Community Tapestry

Io’s winning entry into this AIA design competition was inspired by a diagram of Ogden City’s historic rail yard. It features a flowing network of sinuous rail-like paths highlighted by the bold use of color. A central plaza space is anchored by an interpretive roundhouse pavilion. Recycled railroad ties embedded into rolling landscape berms provide[…]

Ogden Avenue Plaza

Our master plan for this unique plaza is inspired by Ogden’s Art Deco Architecture, but with a modern organic twist celebrating the city’s outdoor culture. The design takes advantage of grade change across the site and accommodates a plethora of uses (including plaza, performance, and reception space) through a stepped design that creates an angular[…]