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Studio Manager
Job Description

Attention Studio Manager: 

Advance your career AND have a good work life balance, while doing meaningful work helping our woman-owned and woman-led practice create vibrant and sustainable places.


Important: Must be highly organized detail-oriented, good communicator. 


There are two reasons why this position might NOT be a fit for you: 

  1. We are a small, Utah-based company. While we offer meaningful work and flexibility, and locally competitive wages, we can’t (yet) compete with the big-box/international firms in terms of compensation and benefits.
  2. You need an in-office work environment to stay motivated. (Our team is full remote). 

Still reading? Ok… 


The right person is looking to grow with our firm.


What You Want: 

  • Do meaningful work you look forward to every day 
  • Have a flexible position that gives you the autonomy you need to enjoy your personal and family life 
  • Advance your career on your own terms
  • Exponentially grow your leadership skills
  • Personal and professional growth
  • A chance to make a meaningful impact  
  • You want to shatter the glass ceiling

Who We Need:  

  • A licensed landscape architect with at least 8-years of experience
  • Experience in project management and team leadership
  • You are professional and articulate  
  • You want to learn and grow in a professional leadership role
  • You have the ability to communicate across platforms
  • You are conscientious and prompt with good interpersonal skills
  • You welcome feedback, are coach-able, and open to mentoring

What You’ll Do:

The primary role of the studio manager is to lead, mentor, and supervise our design team. Specific duties include: 

  • Leading weekly team meetings
  • Tracking project progress
  • Project management on key projects
  • Mentoring team project managers and helping to guide them through successful project delivery process
  • Providing design review and feedback
  • Technical review/redlining for drawings and specifications
  • Facilitating team and client communication across platforms (phone, email, Slack)
  • Developing and refining our systems
  • Holding yourself accountable to continuously learn and grow

What Makes this Job Different: 

  • You’ll be working directly with a female CEO and a woman-owned/led company on projects that create sustainable and meaningful places
  • Opportunity for growth and ownership
  • You’re free to bring all your organizational and leadership skills to the table
  • You’ll have the autonomy to set a schedule that works for your personal life while also working toward your professional goals

Job Type: 

Full-Time Position: 30 hours per week  



$35-$45/hr BOE 



We are Io LandArch, a team of 6 designers working to weave culture and nature to create sustainable and meaningful places. You will be our studio manager, the first point-of-contact for internal collaboration throughout all roles in the business. You will be the person with a big-picture view, understanding what’s happening between all the moving parts and players, and providing support where needed. You’ll help the company’s projected growth for the next 5-10 years by managing internal communication and studio operations, maintaining schedules.

You will oversee multiple projects at various types, scales, and phases of delivery. You’ll lead, mentor, and provide technical oversight in addition to monitoring project progress and allocating firm resources to ensure that we meet our deadlines and our budgets while providing visionary design and technically sound deliverables.

This role is the backbone of the company. You will need to be enrolled in the vision of the business. You will need to understand and follow our guiding principles. Developing and sharing a passion for what we do, and excitement about our daily operations and team members, is an integral part of performing within this role.

Growth Opportunity: 

Grow with us. If you’re hungry, you’ll do well. Get on the ground floor of a scaling company with plenty of room for growth and advancement.

About Us:

We’re a woman-owned, and women-led design studio, with a team of six designers working in the Intermountain West. We provide landscape architectural, urban design, planning, and architectural design services to communities to create meaningful and sustainable places. Our areas of focus include historic & cultural preservation, creative place-making, and outdoor recreation.

Let me share some insights into the culture we are working to cultivate. Our guiding principle is to pursue both personal and professional fulfillment. I firmly believe that work and life should extend beyond mere balance and actively reinforce one another, leading to a harmonious and purposeful existence. We find meaning in applying our individual talents toward revitalizing, and rejuvenating communities, places, and spaces to promote individual well-being, ecological health, thriving communities, and a sustainable planet. We place a huge emphasis on mentoring and fostering the unique talents of each of our team members.  Our culture values purpose, integrity, teamwork, design-thinking, exploration, balance, and continuous improvement.


Q&A: Answers to some of the questions you might have

Q: What does a typical day or week look like?

A: You will lead weekly team check-ins, and daily virtual studio sessions, you’ll need to be available to check-in with team members and clients during regular business hours. But beyond that what your typical day/week looks like is entirely up to you. And you’ll enjoy the flexibility to adapt your schedule to changing personal/family/life commitments.  I am looking for someone who can devote an average of 30 hours a week to this position.

Q: What Additional Skills or Experience would be helpful in this role?

A: I am looking for a Licenced Landscape Architect, with at least 8-years of experience in design, project management, production, and project delivery. I am looking for someone with a good eye for design, technical expertise, construction knowledge, and leadership/communication skills. Additional certifications such as LEED or SITES. Preference will be given to candidates located in Northern Utah.

Q: Is training provided?

A: We will on-board you to all of the current systems and organization, and you’ll be working predominantly with me and my senior staff where you can ask any additional questions that might come up as you are getting to know your roll. And if you’re diligent and focused, you’ll learn extremely fast. The resources are here, but it’s going to be up to you to take advantage of them.

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