Trial by Fire: How I Became a Historic Preservation (and Community Revitalization) Advocate

In the process of re-building a historic home, we also became part of a larger community re-building process. Through blood, sweat, and tears, and a literal baptism by fire, we became old-house restoration experts, and at the same time, grassroots community advocates. For us, our home restoration and the revitalization of this amazing place have been parallel narratives, narratives that began with looking past the outer layer of decay and blight and truly believing in the potential of a place; willingness to work hard and apply hours upon hours of sweat equity; and making slow but steady incremental improvements that have an exponential impact over many (so many) years.

Reinventing Community Engagement

Over the course of 20 years of professional and individual community engagement, we’ve been to a LOT of different types of public meetings.  The best ones are creative and fun with active involvement of participants.  They actually work to make a project better. The worst ones are boring, limit community feedback, or worse–collect feedback and[…]

Going Back to Our Roots!

We’re proud to unveil our new logo!  The name Io stems from Greek mythology.  Io was a demi-goddess represented by a white heifer.  As a woman-founded design practice we deliberately chose the name based on its strong female archetype and also its agricultural symbolism.  We have both personal ties to small-scale community agriculture and a[…]

A black and white image of 5 women posing for a picture.

Io and Athena: Inspiring Women

The Athena Award is a prestigious award that recognizes inspiring women, including our Principal Landscape Designer, Shalae Larsen. As a women-owned business (whose name is informed by Greek mythology) and whose mission it is to create sustainable, vibrant communities while mentoring the next generation of female landscape architects, Io Landscape Architecture is pleased to congratulate[…]

A black and white image of the Scowcroft property.

Io Landscape Architecture Moves to the Historic Scowcroft Mansion

Io is excited to announce our new location, in the Historic Scowcroft Mansion at 795 24th Street, in Ogden’s historic Trolley District. As a Landscape Architecture firm that specializes in Historic Landscapes, historic landscape documentation, preservation, adaptive re-use, as well as historically appropriate new landscapes – we are excited about our new home and its[…]