About Us

Woman-owned Landscape Architecture & Urban Design studio.

Io LandArch is a woman-owned Landscape Architecture and Urban Design studio based out of Ogden, Utah. We specialize in creating vibrant communities. Our work is focused on the continuation of regional narrative, weaving history, ecology, culture and meaning together for projects that evolve from and advance the spirit of the intermountain west.

ROOTED IN LANDSCAPE: Everything exists in the landscape – we believe that the practice of landscape architecture, specifically the understanding of sites and natural systems, is foundational to the successful design of everything from individual buildings to entire communities.


WE WEAVE CULTURE, NATURE, PLACE: Landscapes exists as an ongoing dialogue between culture and nature, resulting in regionally diverse and unique places. We recognize and work within this dynamic to create meaningful projects.


DESIGN IS OUR SEED: Our projects grow out of the natural, historical, and cultural context of a place, and evolve by creating spaces that invite current and future users to imbue meaning through ongoing use and interaction.

Core Team

Shalae Larsen – Principal Landscape Architect

Shalae A. Larsen


Shalae's unique design and planning perspective integrates a deep appreciation for indigenous landscapes and the vernacular of the west. In addition to overseeing a diverse range of project types, Shalae is uniquely qualified as a historical landscape architect, and also holds a Masters Degree in Architecture, making her particularly well-suited to lead diverse teams to create successful places.

Tonya Rose - Landscape Designer

Tonya Rose


Tonya is an emerging professional with interests in visualization techniques in 3D modeling, community placemaking, and ecological friendly parks & open spaces. Tonya holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and spent several years learning about impactful healing environments and spaces, ultimately leading her to Landscape Architecture.

Natalie Jones - Landscape Designer

Natalie Jones


Natalie is passionate about designing human spaces. From residential planning to parks and recreation, she appreciates the artistic and analytical side of the discipline. She holds a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from Utah State University and is constantly striving to design successful places where people can thrive.

Lindsay Lloyd – Historic Landscapes Specialist

Lindsay Lloyd


Lindsay believes that beautiful spaces inspire people to live fulfilling lives, and that historically sensitive design provides context, meaning, and a sense of connectedness to communities. Her life long passion for horticulture and historic architecture led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Utah State University and a master’s degree in architectural conservation from the University of Edinburgh.

Julie Coleman


Julie recently received her Master of Landscape Architecture degree from Utah State University. She holds a bachelor’s degree of architectural studies with a focus on sustainability and urban studies. She has a passion for sustainable, community-led, and equitable design. Her master’s thesis focused on the successes and limitations faced by thought leaders in climate change planning for water utilities across the United States.

Braden Miskin


Braden holds a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture and a second bachelor’s degree in communications. He has a passion for learning and the process of creating and sharing new ideas and believes that “there is no subject so old that something new cannot be said about it.” He has a strong desire to create experiences that enrich and enhance people’s lives.

Claribel Wu – Intern

Claribel Wu


Claribel is dedicated to creating community-centered, regenerative design responses to the inequality produced by social and ecological imbalances. Claribel holds a Bachelor’s in English and a Certificate in Architectural CAD. She intends to continue her education, exploring ways to bring more common sense built environments for the common good.

Collaborating Specialists

Cimarron Chacon

Cimarron Chacon


A veteran in the Trails Industry, Cimarron has been influencing policy, design, and opportunity for recreation since 1998. Trained as a Landscape Architect, she began her career with the BLM in Utah. As her passion for mountain biking increased she moved into the private sector and worked on natural surface trail planning and design around the country. She now owns & operates GRO, a trails and race consulting and promotion company.

Susan Crook


Susan was an original co-founder of Io LandArch who is now officially retired, but continues to advise Io LandArch on significant historic projects. Susan has worked in the public and private sectors in landscape architecture and planning, and has served on the boards and staffs of a number of non-profits. She is a licensed landscape architect who is passionate about conservation, sustainable design, and the preservation and responsible use of historic and cultural resources.

Jake McIntire - Collaborator

Jake McIntire


Jake is a designer, entrepreneur, strategist, and creative problem solver working at the intersections of business, art, design, and urban theory. He holds an MFA in Collaborative Design with an emphasis in Social Entrepreneurship and Urban Theory from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Jake has dedicated himself to exploring urban transformation and he believes that art is a powerful resource for creating better cities.

Rhonda Lauritzen - Collaborator

Rhonda Lauritzen


Rhonda is a professional biographer specializing in placemaking, oral history, and personal stories. She is the founder of Evalogue.Life, a presenter, and author. In addition, Lauritzen has served as a public relations director and senior VP at the Ogden-Weber Technical College. Before that, she was CEO of her family’s business, which inspired her first book, Every Essential Element, which began her personal journey into storytelling.

Kirk Huffaker | Historic Preservation Specialist

Kirk Huffaker


Kirk’s youth was spent in Chicago, where he gained a natural affinity for architectural history. With an M.S. in Historic Preservation and over twenty-five years of experience in consulting, advocacy, and non-profit management, Kirk meets the Secretary of the Interior’s criteria for consulting. He assists clients and communities in meeting the challenges of owning, operating, and rehabilitating older and historic structures by providing feasible preservation options and products that enhance projects and places.

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