Io and Athena: Inspiring Women

A black and white image of 5 women posing for a picture.

The Athena Award is a prestigious award that recognizes inspiring women, including our Principal Landscape Designer, Shalae Larsen. As a women-owned business (whose name is informed by Greek mythology) and whose mission it is to create sustainable, vibrant communities while mentoring the next generation of female landscape architects, Io Landscape Architecture is pleased to congratulate Shalae on her nomination for the prestigious ATHENA Award.  Inspired by the greek goddess Athena, the award program works to honor women for their strength, courage, wisdom and enlightenment.  The ATHENA Award recognizes its nominees and recipients for their professional excellence, community service and efforts to assist women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills.

In addition to her role as an Io Principal, Shalae is also the president and CEO of Arc Blue Electric, co-founder of Work Hive, co-author of “Ogden’s Trolley District”, and adjunct faculty member in the College of Architecture + Planning at the University of Utah.  Shalae’s community involvement activities include board member for the Utah Center for Architecture, co-founder of the Trolley District Community Council, Chairperson for the Oasis Community Garden, past President of the Junior League of Ogden, former Ogden City Planning Commissioner, along with a long list of board and community advisory roles and volunteer activities.  All of Shalae’s professional and civic endeavors focus on community building through leadership in design and planning.

Io would also like to congratulate the 2014 recipient of the ATHENA Award, Debbie Nielson, a truly inspiring woman, whose work with the Girl Scouts has empowered many girls, helping them grow into confident and capable women and future leaders (and maybe even Landscape Architects and Io team-members!)

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