Landscape Architecture &

Urban Design Studio

Utah & Idaho

Areas of Expertise

Landscape Architect Salt Lake City

Community Design

Are you looking to shape, conserve, or nurture sustainable and vibrant places? At Io LandArch, we're dedicated to bringing your vision to life by weaving culture and ecology to craft supernatural landscapes. Our multidisciplinary approach combines planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and architectural design, all grounded in robust community engagement. Collaborating closely with our clients, we aim to create transformative places that resonate with the unique identity of each community. Our catalytic strategies include:

• Historic Preservation

• Creative Place-making

• Development Planning

• Recreation & Trails

• Ecological Landscapes

This grassroots design strategy combines planning, urban design, and landscape architecture with community advocacy.

Residential Landscape Design Salt Lake City

Home & Garden

Your home and landscape should reflect your unique identity and lifestyle, while also blending seamlessly into the surrounding environment. We believe in crafting sustainable and vibrant communities where buildings and landscapes tell stories and exude character. Our tailored residential design services encompass:

• Landscape Architecture

• Historic Gardens

• Planting Design

• Accessory Buildings

• Curb Appeal

• Historic Homes


Landscape Architecture & Urban Design Studio

Utah & Idaho

Our expert team

Io LandArch is a woman-owned Landscape Architecture and Urban Design studio based in Ogden, Utah. We're licensed in Utah and Idaho and we specialize in creating vibrant communities. Our work is focused on the continuation of regional narrative, weaving history, ecology, culture, and meaning together for projects that evolve from and advance the spirit of the Intermountain West. Read more about us here...

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