Io Landscape Architecture offers a wide range of services and works on many project types and scales including civic & commercial work, but one of our favorite project types is residential landscape architecture.  Io Landscape Architecture offers custom, historic and high-end residential landscape design services, helping homeowners create distinctive and sustainable outdoor living spaces that are both functional and beautiful.  Are you interested in hiring a Landscape Architect but not sure where to start or what to expect?  Then check out our Hiring a Landscape Architect 101 page.

Historic.ResidentialHistoric Landscapes – Just like historic buildings, many historic landscapes are in need of recognition, restoration and preservation.  If you own a historic home, chances are there are landscape elements original to your home.  These might include trees, garden beds, or hardscape features such as walls, stairs and paving.  If you are in the process of restoring your historic home and are interested in restoring the landscape as well, Io can create a master plan for your yard that will integrate and restore the historic elements as part of an adaptive re-use plan that will also accommodate modern uses such as outdoor dining, gathering and play spaces.  Whether you are seeking to preserve a historic landscape or create a new landscape that is in keeping with the architectural style of your home, Io Landscape Architecture can design a historically appropriate solution for your home and garden.


custom landscape_residentialCustom Landscapes – The landscape sets the stage for the architecture and creates an inviting approach to your home.  Great curb appeal can boost your property value by 15% or more.  The creation of outdoor kitchens and gathering spaces like patios and decks can add substantial usable space to your home.  Amenities such as play spaces, pools, spas, pergolas and ponds are all great options, creating a custom landscape that fits your lifestyle and interests.  Pets and small (permitted) farm animals will enjoy interacting with the family in the secure enclosures we design to fit in with your outdoor living spaces.  We pride ourselves on creating designs that integrate the architecture of your home and the unique features of your site and location.  We’ve designed landscapes for everything from Italianesque villas to sleek modern homes.



Sustainable Landscapes – Whether your landscape is old or new, modern or vintage, sustainability is a concept that can easily be integrated into any landscape design to reduce water usage, optimize maintenance, and increase the longevity of the plants and hardscape.  This integrated design process begins with a thorough site analysis, understanding solar patterns, climate, soil conditions, topography, and context of a site.  We design with these features to maximize the energy and water efficiency of the landscape.  Our designs source locally available, sustainably harvested, renewable and/or recycled materials whenever possible.  We utilize native and xeric plants that minimize water usage and maintenance requirements while offering wildlife habitat (and forage to birds and bees).  Our irrigation design focuses on the efficiency of water distribution, specifying the latest in irrigation technology.