Io’s expertise in project planning and design is largely commercial and civic, including development planning, urban design and green-space design services. Our clients include municipalities, private organizations, and businesses, as well as private individuals and property owners. The following are a few client types that we are especially experienced with:

ARCHITECT_CIVIC_COMMERCIALARCHITECTS – Io is uniquely qualified amongst Landscape Architectural consultants to participate in interdisciplinary design teams. With a Master’s degree in Architecture, Io principal Shalae Larsen has a unique understanding of the architectural design process. We have the ability to interpret your design inspiration thereby extending that architectural language into the landscape (grading, hardscape and planting; design as well as green roofs and walls). The result will be increased visual cohesiveness between building and site, and an architecture that is more responsive to site specific and regional context.

  • Site Plans
  • Grading & Drainage Plans
  • Planting & Irrigation Plans
  • LEED Strategies for Site & Landscape

municipality_Civic ComercialMUNICIPALITIES
 – Today’s municipalities are more pro-active than ever when it comes to planning and designing for vibrant communities. This includes Redevelopment Agencies, Planning Staff and Urban Design Divisions among others, whose role is not just to set policy, but to outreach, incentivize and catalyze healthy change through various planning documents, public works projects and development incentives. Io’s team includes former municipal planners, giving us a unique understanding of city needs and opportunities. We have worked closely with Ogden and South Salt Lake Cities to help them implement many of the successful initiatives they have completed.

  • Community Planning
  • Small Area Plans
  • Facilities Planning/Programming
  • Design Guidelines
  • Park & Open Space Design
  • Streetscape Design

developer.civic communitesDEVELOPERS – Io has worked on a variety of development scales, from large subdivision projects encompassing hundreds of acres, to small urban infill sites. Our process includes extensive site-analysis, looking at soils, slopes, aspect, vegetation and hydrology; an in-depth analysis of development ordinances; and a unique understanding of architectural building types/envelopes that are appropriate for various development contexts. Our development approach seeks to capitalize on the unique features of each site, using them as an amenity in the proposed design. We also integrate an understanding of good planning and urban design principles that result in healthy and vibrant communities, often with a mixed-use component.

  • Development Master Planning
  • Subdivision Layout
  • Urban Infill
  • Building Massing/Modeling
  • Site Circulation/Parking Design

06.020.Wathen Evans.patiopondENGINEERS – At Io, we often team with civil engineers to produce site design and engineering projects that are both functional AND beautiful. We have a solid understanding of site grading, and storm water management, and frequently work closely with architectural engineers to enhance the aesthetics of their site plans. This includes producing planting & irrigation plans as a design team-member and also illustrative renderings of the overall site, building, and landscape design.


  • Illustrative site plans & perspective renderings
  • Site sensitive design
  • Grading & Drainage coordination
  • Green infrastructure

 commercial property_civic ComercialCOMMERCIAL/PROPERTY OWNERS – For private property owners, and builders looking to develop a site for a specific use, Io can help you create the big-picture/long-term plan. This begins with our unique ability to read and interpret local zoning codes to understand what uses are allowed on a property and at what densities, followed by conceptual design of the overall site needed for most development pro-forma. We are uniquely qualified to design the overall site, including building envelope, site circulation/parking and open space requirements. We will bring in sub-consultants including architects and engineers to consult as needed during these early planning and entitlement phases of the design, eventually letting each respective discipline take the lead as the design evolves into actual design and construction documents.

  • Master Planning
  • Zoning Code Compliance
  • Preliminary Site Design (building placement, grading, parking/circulation, open space layouts)

residential.civic comercialRESIDENTIAL – At Io, we love our residential clients because they are the ones who are willing to get the most creative when it comes to the design of outdoor spaces!