17.032.OBE Parks Perspective

Trackline Trails Master Plan

The Ogden Business Exchange is an outdoor-recreation lifestyle business and industrial park on the site of the former Ogden Union Stockyards.  Io previously completed the Master Plan for the entire development.  In this phase of the project we worked with the Ogden Trails Network and a mountain bike trail design specialist, Cimarron Chacon, to master[…]

17.027.Providence Montessori Playground1

Montessori Playground

Io designed the proposed playground for the new Providence Montessori Academy in South Ogden, Utah.  In keeping with the spirit and philosophy of Montessori style learning, the playground incorporates natural play features including a dry-stream bed with a small running water feature, along with native and pollinator friendly vegetation, and recycled log playground equipment.  The playground[…]

“Pedaling Revolution” Book Review

What if I told you that there was a way to simultaneously combat global warming, reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, solve the obesity epidemic, save lives, improve air quality, reduce congestion, strengthen community, reduce social isolation, and personally save you an average of $8,000/year, all while bringing you the joy and happiness of your[…]