Lester Park Moving Forward!

Last night we had the opportunity to present our winning design for the Lester Park reVIVE competition, entitled “Community Tapestry” to the Ogden City Council!  Here is a link to our presentation: 170502Community Tapestry web

Last summer Io collaborated with Union Creative Agency and Industrial Art and Design to envision a place-based, innovative, and culturally inclusive park for the heart of Ogden’s unique Trolley District Neighborhood.  The project drew inspiration from Ogden’s railroad history, celebrating our immigrant heritage and ultimately Ogden’s cultural diversity.  The design also integrates a strong arts influence, tying back into a growing creative movement in the city, and branding this park and the surrounding area as a cultural core.

Our design was selected by a blind jury as one of the top three projects.  These three designs were then voted on by the community (also blind), with Community Tapestry emerging as the winner (with 49% of the vote).  What made this process especially rewarding for us, is that this area is also our home, and this park is also our park!

We are excited to continue to work closely with the city and the local community to envision a new and improved Community Tapestry 2.0!  If you are in support of this project, please take a moment to share that support with Ogden City Council and the administration.  Shares on social media are also a good way to get the word out!

For more background and information on the design competition itself (including the extensive public input and background research phase that was carried out completely by volunteers) please check out https://www.yaf.aiautah.org/revive

Featuring the Roundhouse Plaza and proposed pump track

A fitness loop passes through a native bird and butterfly meadow adjacent to the senior center. Meanwhile large colorful play mounds are centrally located.