The Wilbur Blacksmith

UT_Weber County_Wilbur, Jesse Blacksmith_0001

The Wilbur Blacksmith has been accepted in the National Register of Historic places. This is exciting news as it’s the first listing in Eden, Utah!

The Wilbur Blacksmith Shop, built in 1898, has been meticulously restored recently and is in nearly original condition. The building is both historically and architecturally significant. With a period of significance dating 1898-1924, this building functioned as a commercial outlet providing primarily blacksmithing and other related services to local farmers and the surrounding communities. The blacksmith shop is significant in the areas of exploration/settlement, industry and commerce because it played a vital role in the development and success of the village of Eden, UT and surrounding Ogden Valley.  In addition, the shop played a significant role in the areas of architecture and engineering because it is one of the few remaining Late Victorian buildings in Eden, UT and is a well-preserved example of a late 1890s era commercial structure.

What is even more impressive is that the blacksmith is still in operation TODAY! So be sure to visit Ragnar Forge for any custom blacksmithing you might need done.