Historic Residential Landscape


With the warmer Spring weather comes back yard improvements! Io Landscape Architecture (IoLA) and Pristine Landscaping are making exciting progress on a historic residential landscape in Salt Lake City. The project began with master planning done by IoLA for the entire property in the Fall of 2012 and is finally close to completion a year and a half later. Per IoLA’s design, Pristine Landscaping installed the majority of the shrubs and trees around the property as well as the decomposed granite patios, a fire pit, and footings for two pergolas and a deck in the back yard. The current phase of the project will include the planting of an ornamental Saucer Magnolia tree in the front yard, raised grow boxes, and perennial beds which will add beautiful banding of color in the front yard. The Victorian home and English cottage gardens inspired the final planting design. The landscape improvements are anticipated to be complete by the end of summer 2014.