Pond Design and Purpose

Water features such as ponds and streams are people magnets and will bring life to a space that is otherwise dull and uninviting.


Planning a backyard pond or water feature may seem a daunting task. At Io Design we are well-versed in pond design and work with home owners to bring design all the way through successful construction – whether it’s a project you’d like to tackle on your own or hire a contractor.

Some may say that these features serve a purely aesthetic purpose but as we discussed in our last post on hydrological features, water does great things for the environment as well.


A backyard with a troubled drainage pad might be a good place to include a water feature – a solution that is often overlooked. A pond feature, or dry river bed, can provide a place for excess water to drain to, rather than puddle and stand for days.

Water features can also be used to attract wildlife and to rejuvenate the bio diversity eliminated by urban sprawl and cookie-cutter developments.

The incorporation and awareness of water ecology in all stages of the design process is an important goal for all Landscape Architects, and one which Io Design Collaborative strives to implement in all variety of design projects.

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