S-Line: South Salt Lake Art & Streetcar Cooridor


Over the past two weeks I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer my Landscape Architecture and Urban Design skills to help envision a unique solution to two-blocks of the planned South Salt Lake and Sugarhouse Streetcar corridor on a section of track located in an abandoned railway corridor through a formerly industrial part of South Salt Lake City.

I find derelict places, buildings, and things incredibly romantic. This corridor, with its industrial past, was once a vibrant bustling hub of activity and commodity – now abandoned and being re-claimed by nature.  Yet there are other pioneering forces at work:  The proposed streetcar itself is catalyst for urban revitalization; the City of South Salt Lake is hard at work re-imagining the city’s image and places; and an arts renaissance is underway as creative types are drawn to the both the proximity and affordability of the area.

Together with a team of allied professionals, including Claire Weisz (early NYC Highline visionary), we crafted the vision for an evolving and colorful space.  One that embraces the motion of the streetcar, and the active aspects of art – an urban studio space.  A place focused on the doing, making, and creating.  And wrapped in a ribbon of nature stringing a connection from east to west.

For more information check out our Pinterest Board for the project… more to come…

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